Location: Bali, Indonesia
Development Area: 3.0 ha
Design Style: Contemporary tropical

The Four Seasons Resort is located in the forest and rice terraces of the Bali mountain foothills, just outside of the famous village of Ubud. The hotel is completely integrated into the natural terrain and environment of Ubud, with the landform also drawing inspiration from the rice terraces. The Four Season, Ubud represents a dramatic response to nature that changes with seasons.

Arrival at the hotel the guest wanders along a spectacular walk on a timber bridge 30 meters over a stream, down a gentle flight of stairs, through the surface of a lotus pond, entering into the main lobby with dramatic views over the canyon below. The site consists of the main hotel block with private villas accessed from the hotel by walking or cart.

The resort style is a mix of contemporary architecture along with Balinese artefacts. Materials are all traditional while the design form leans more toward the contemporary statement. Water, a dominant feature of the surrounding landscape, flows through the development, both in natural ponds, streams and through rice terraces. This is complimented with a number of terraced swimming pools and formal water features terracing down the hill.