sci-recepSite Concepts International (SCI) was formed in 1991 in response to the growing regional demand for professional services in landscape architecture, urban design and land use planning. In this time SCI has established a reputation for high quality professional planning and design throughout Asia with active projects in over eight (8) countries. SCI is widely accepted by developers, architects and others in the industry due to our ability to provide a diverse and unique design solution, powerful graphic presentation, detailed tender documentation and responsive, resourceful and site specific solutions during project implementation. One of SCI’s principals or key design team leaders will always remain intimately involved in the day to day decision-making processes regardless of the size of the project or phase of realisation. With studios in seven (7) countries, SCI insists on sending design team members to each specific project location to investigate the site’s opportunities and constraints, as well as to explore locally available materials and artefacts. This procedure has results in time and cost saving solutions for our clients. Our project specific techniques, along with sensitivity to the existing environment, the end users and long term sustainability, have set SCI in a position of industry leadership. SCI’s success is judged on the places created, the enjoyment of the users and sustainability.