Location : Taiwan
Development Area: 5.4 ha
Design Style: Environment & Water

Located inland of Hsinchu City, the proposed resort covers 5.4 hectares and consists primarily of serviced apartments, villas and communal facilities. There are four main features of the resort, the eco farm, the preserved and enhanced forest, the water flowing through and the sense of community.

The focus of the resort is the ecological sustainable landscape with productive gardens, providing not only a recreation opportunity for city dwellers but also sustainable farming and environmental education. The balance of nature, flora and fauna, and the conservation of energy will all be features that will be communicated to the visitors through participation and learning.

The natural streams flowing through the site will be enhanced with the introduction of bio ponds to filter and polish the water, and enhanced through landscaping to become a feature of the development. The flowing and still water becoming the focus of places for relaxation and contemplation, differing experiences based on the movement and sound of the water.

While the primary theme of the project is developed around sustainability, the secondary theme is the sound of water, and its effect on our feelings and sense of wellbeing. In all moods water can be compelling, from its stillness, to a roaring flow, the movement and sound captivates. Water induces relaxation of the body, peace to the mind and fortification to the spirt, its sound is soothing, providing white noise and brings life to the area.