Location: China
Development Area: 630 ha
Design Style: Contemporary

Covering an area of over 630 hectares, SIBP will ultimately include office buildings, commercial, including a riverside commercial area, recreation facilities, a hotel and resort and cultural facilities. Landscape features include botanical gardens, extensive waterways with bio-filtration to maintain water quality, street and avenue planting, a sculpture plaza, pedestrian and cycleways and golf academe facilities.

The landscaping style of the SIBP is a clean, modern and businesslike design utilising straight lines, grids patterns, stripes and rectangular features that unites the overall development. Entrances are open and welcoming spaces for both vehicle and pedestrians, leading people along tree lined roadways and paths acknowledging that business parks are primarily places for people.

SCI was commissioned to prepare the landscape master plan for the overall development and has had an ongoing role in the detailed landscape design of various parcels throughout the development.