Location: Guizhou, China
Development Area: 80 ha
Design Style: Modern & Chinese Contemporary

The Primary Objective of First City in Guiyang is to become an ocean of green in the urban environment and to enhance this concept, included with in the development is a 20 ha forest park, a sports park, and other public parkland areas. There is a variety of commercial and residential areas built around the one theme, and along the main stream is the ’Bar Street”, a food and beverage area which is proposed to become one of the social and commercial hubs of the development.

The development theme is modern contemporary with variations on this theme depending on the development type and architecture style. For this ongoing project, SCI’s role has been from the original landscape master planning through to the detailed landscape design and construction management. With more than sixty percent of construction completed including the 20 hectare forest park, SCI is now finalising the detailed design and construction documentation of the final remaining parcels.