Location: Kushan Xiajia, China
Development Area: 150 ha
Design Style: Traditional Chinese

Located on the Yangtze Delta, Kushan is an industrial city just west of Shanghai on the Shanghai Nanjing High Speed Rail, to the north east of the main Kushan area approximately 45 kilometres from Shanghai. The project site is linear in nature along the Xiajia River and comprises a system of parks, lakes and canals along a river corridor.

SCI was hired to create an administrative ”New Town” along the juncture of the two main rivers about four kilometres from the existing old town and current administrative centre. The primary use is for business purpose with combination of entertainment, recreation including a golf course a family park, services, education and environment protection. The project includes a resort associated with the golf course, a focal point commercial and cultural precinct, entertainment areas and extensive parklands.

The design pays particular attention to protecting and enhancing the natural environment, specially surrounding Tai Chang Lake, and rehabilitating the degraded wetlands. With the resultant rehabilitation of the location, SCI was tasked with sighting the New Administrative Centre with the master plan providing a dramatic location on the waterfront, and opportunities for other waterfront development. Ultimately a sustainable “green and blue corridor” will be created with a focus on sustainable transportation along with economic and social facilities, resulting in a more productive use of the area.